[U-Boot-Users] Power On Self Tests

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Nov 21 14:30:48 CET 2002

In message <3DDCDA0A.AF0E75FE at staubli.com> you wrote:
> Please find attached the patch for the README file.
> +       (CPM8xx, CPM8260)
> +       Offset of the bootmode word in DPRAM used by post (Power On Self
> Tests)
> +       This definition overrides hardcoded #define in commproc.h or
> +       cpm_8260.h.

Aha! This points out a shortcoming of your patch: you fixed  it  only
for  MPC8xx,  but  not  for  MPC8260  (although  your  comment claims
otherwise). OK, I added the code for 8260.

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