[U-Boot-Users] autoscript?

Steven Scholz steven.scholz at imc-berlin.de
Fri Nov 29 12:24:59 CET 2002

Hi Wolfgang,

thanks for your fast reply.

> Well, _making_ the image is  easy.  the  mkimage  tool  will  happily
> combine any files you pass to it into one multifile image (MFI).

I thought I've seen a command line option for "mkimage" saying something about

> But _using_ such  a  MFI  is  a  different  issue.  So  far,  PPCBoot
> understands  only one format of MFIs, which consist of a Linux kernel
> image as the first part and a ramdisk image as the second part.  This
> is being handled buy the "bootm" command.
> So far, there is no other support for MFIs.

Than how should I understand the following lines from

 * autoscript allows a remote host to download a command file and,
 * optionally, binary data for automatically updating the target. For
 * example, you create a new kernel image and want the user to be
 * able to simply download the image and the machine does the rest.
 * The kernel image is postprocessed with mkimage, which creates an
 * image with a script file prepended. If enabled, autoscript will
 * verify the script and contents of the download and execute the
 * script portion. This would be responsible for erasing flash,
 * copying the new image, and rebooting the machine.
Is this actually a multi step solution?
First download the script, then download the binary data (e.g. kernel image) and
then execute the script?

I would like to do something like this:
Normally the board boots from flash (in detail: pImage is stored on a JFFS2
partition, which serves as the root fs as well).
But in the case that no (valid) pImage is found, I would like ppcboot (sorry,
still using this) to automagically download a whole pFlashdisk image and burn
that to the flash. So I thougth about using an MFI (containing the data and the
update script) that gets downloaded...


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