[U-Boot-Users] Compiler environment?

Cedric Aubert cedric_aubert at yahoo.fr
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Personnaly, I use U-Boot under linux (Red Hat 7.2) but should be similar

with a suse 8.1. For cross compiler and other I use the ELDK 2.0 from DENX.

It's available on


In fact without Wolfgang Denk is should be more difficult !! :-)

Thanks a lot Wolfgang


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I want to start using U-Boot as Boot Loader for:

PMC Module with a Motorola 7410 and a Marvell Galileo Discorery bridge.

Currently available systems for compiling:

- Pentium 4 Based - Windows 2000, With CodeWarrior and PowerTAP Pro

- Pentium 4 Based - Suse Linux 8.1 Machine

Which machine should I choose?

What compiler environment should I use?

Thx, Roel








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