[U-Boot-Users] DHCP Problem with Windows 2000 DHCP Server

Stefan Roese stefan.roese at esd-electronics.com
Wed Apr 9 12:10:30 CEST 2003


We discovered a problem with the U-Boot DHCP client using the Windows 2000
DHCP Server. We have to use the Windows 2000 DHCP Server upon customer

The problem occurs when the IP-address of the DHCP-server is not equal to
the IP-address of the TFTP-server. In the REQUEST-packet (client->server),
the client uses the IP-address from the bootp-header (bp->siaddr - IP
address of next bootstrap server) in the ServerID option (#54). This seems
to be wrong (the Windows 2000 server doesn't respond with an ACK-packet)!
The client has to use the IP-address sent by the server in the ServerID
option from the OFFER-packet (server->client).

Please find attached a patch with our changes. This code runs without
problems against the Windows 2000 DHCP-server and the Linux (Suse 8.0)

Any comments/remarks? Anybody against commiting?

Best regards,
Stefan Roese

esd gmbh
Vahrenwalder Str. 207
D-30165 Hannover
Phone: +49-511-37298-0
Fax:   +49-511-37298-68
email: stefan.roese at esd-electronics.com
www:   http://www.esd-electronics.de
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