[U-Boot-Users] 405Gpr timer interrup

Jerry Walden jwalden at digitalatlantic.com
Thu Apr 10 20:47:32 CEST 2003

>Does the "sleep" command work, with correct timing,
>i. e. will "sleep 5" sleep for approx. 5 seconds?
Yes - however that is using udelay which does not seem
connected to the timestamp which is incremented in the PIT

Anyway... I figured one reason why the PIT was not causing
the timestamp to interate - I had interrupts turned off.
I had interrupts_enable commented out from my very first days
of working on u-boot.

Now - when I turn the interrupts on and then - and only when -
I enable the PIT - u-boot gets a ProgramCheck.

So - Just to check, I looked to see if there was an address for
a handler in the Interrupt Vector Table for the PIT - and I did
not find a valid address.

However to cross-check myself, I looked in the IVT for the ProgramCheck
vector (I used the BDI to dump 0x700) there was not a valid address there
and no code.

So the question now is what should the IVT look like, and at what addresses
should there be either vectors or code?


Jerry Walden
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> my enet port status shows - "100 MBit/sec, full duplex"
> so I think that is a-okay -
> Still can't figure out why I'm not getting a timer interrupt

Does the "sleep" command work, with correct timing,
i. e. will "sleep 5" sleep for approx. 5 seconds?

Wolfgang Denk

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