[U-Boot-Users] porting u-boot on MPC852T

Wilson Lo kclwilson at yahoo.com.hk
Mon Apr 21 11:11:12 CEST 2003


   It is very simple. Acturally, 860T is a super set
of 852T. You need to change the multification factor
(MF)in the siumcr register. It is because the 852T
field definition is different fron 860T in siumcr. The
rest is dpended on your hardware. There is a document
in Motorola web site talking about the different
between 860 and 859(a little different from 852). Read
it. It is very useful. 


 --- lixi_avansys <lixi at avansys.com> 的郵件內容:> hi
>       I want to using u-boot on MPC852T(Motorola 's
> new low cost PowerPC processor),is anybody have done
> this porting?
> if nobody have done this,how about the workload to
> porting it. 
> thanks a lot.
> windstone

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