[U-Boot-Users] Porting u-boot to MPC852T

Wilson Lo kclwilson at yahoo.com.hk
Sat Apr 26 20:49:11 CEST 2003


   Yes, you need to modify the a header file. It is
because the PLL field definition in "simucr" is
different from 860T. You may check the "simucr"
register in manual & a document posted in Motorola web
site talking about the "different from 860 & 859". 859
is very similar to 852. You can use the 860 code to
boot up the 852 for modifying the simucr.


 --- "Paul,Kunal" <Kunal.Paul at fci.com> 的郵件內容:>
hi all,
>        i am porting u-boot to a board having a
> MPC852T processor.can anyone
> tell me the essential changes to be made. do we have
> to make any changes to
> the mpc8xx directory in the cpu folder??? i
> understand that it supports all
> processors of the MPC8xx family. 
>        please forward me any patches if anybody has
> already ported u-boot to
> MPC852T.
> regards,
> kunal
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