[U-Boot-Users] ECC DIMM's with walnut board

Thomas Schäfer tschaefer at giga-stream.de
Tue Apr 29 10:19:30 CEST 2003


please find attached a patch for the cpu/ppc4xx/spd_sdram file. The ECC
configuration code in function spd_sdram is changed so that 72 bit ECC
DIMM's are used in non-ECC mode. Using those DIMM's in ECC mode doesn't work
on the walnut board. If working, it would make probably no sense, because
only the half of the DIMM size can be used in ECC mode.
CFG_MONITOR_LEN in include/configs/WALNUT405.h was changed to 256, because
192 was too small for the configuration provided with u-boot-0.3.0

Maybe the patch is of some use for the project.

Best regards,

Thomas Schäfer


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