[U-Boot-Users] problem compiling sc520

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Aug 4 21:14:33 CEST 2003

In message <200308041652.16627.david at avoncliff.com> you wrote:
> But gcc 3.2 -Werror and 
> " goto done;
> ......
> done:
> }
> do not appear compatable, so I changed the easiest option and removed -Werror.

Try replacing the "done:" with "done: ;"

If it works, please submit a patch.

> lib_i386/libi386.a(video_bios.o): In function `probe_pci_video':
> /home/david/smart/cvs/u-boot/lib_i386/video_bios.c:88: undefined reference to 
> `pci_find_class'
> Can someone who gets past this let me know where the function is?

-> find * -type f | xargs egrep -l pci_find_class

Seems that except for the prototype in include/pci.h and the call  in
lib_i386/video_bios.c  there is no file containing this function. Let
me guess: nobody used this code before...

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