[U-Boot-Users] problem compiling sc520

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Aug 4 23:18:41 CEST 2003

In message <200308041917.13511.david at avoncliff.com> you wrote:
> > Try replacing the "done:" with "done: ;"
> Yes that works fine. (strange the things I learn about C day by day 8-)  )
> > If it works, please submit a patch.
> Hmm, request understood. Practice not so easy. 

Well, maybe you mention the name of the file in question...

> There are 40+ done: in many files both in sc520 and other area's, but  there 
> are many other instances of goto. Any experts with sed or pearl around?

Most of these should be ok. It is sufficient to find those  where  no
statement follows the colon. And the compiler will point these out...

[Sorry, I don't have a working build environment for the i386,
otherwise I would not have to ask such stupid questions.]

> > Seems that except for the prototype in include/pci.h and the call  in
> > lib_i386/video_bios.c  there is no file containing this function. Let
> > me guess: nobody used this code before...
> Well I was being more optimistic, I am only doing
> make sc520_cdp_config
> make all
> And I had thought others had got past compile errors. Does this imply the 
> function is available in some external library?

At least not in any U-Boot file.

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