[U-Boot-Users] SED13806 and MPC866

Marco Schramel marco.schramel at go.bartec.de
Tue Aug 5 14:28:29 CEST 2003


First i have to say "i am new in embedded Linux".
I am very interested in the new 866 of Motorola. For a graphical output the
EPSON SED13806 is planned.
I've found in the archive that this chip is supported from U-Boot ;-) !!
My question is, how to setup and to tell the kernel that the EPSON is its
graphical output.

The start address in SED13806 is defined by my board with its CSx base
address, i think. Is there more to tell as its start address ?

How i setup my kernel that a SED13806 exists or has my device driver to do
this ??

If you know more useful things about the SED-chip, please let me know.

Thanks a lot


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