[U-Boot-Users] F.A.O Rune Torgersen or any MPC8266ADS-PCI u-b oot users

Rune Torgersen runet at innovsys.com
Tue Aug 5 20:48:48 CEST 2003

> needed fixed for the PCI features of the 8266. I have tried 
> 0.3 and 0.4 but 
> cannot get it to work.

I have u-boot 0.3.0 working with full PCI support, (have not gotten around
to try 0.4.x yet)

BTW.... Just figured out why it hangs right at FLASH:....
This is when it moves u-boot to SDRAM...
If you use the standard 16-MB SDRAM stick that comes with the ADS board, it
WILL NOT work with Page Based ingerleave mode.
I have only gotten that to work with 64MB and bigger SDRAMs

Change CONFIG_PBI in board/mpc8266ads/mpc826ads.c to 0 to use Bank Based

>         First of all I am using ELDK to cross compile the 
> u-boot source 
> which seems to work fine.  The problem is that it doesn't 
> seem to like the 
> Flash very much.  I am using the Sharp type flash.

This is the same FLASH I have. And it works great.

> 1.)    Within {u-boot}/include/configs/MPC8266ADS.h there are 
> two choices 
> for CFG_HRCW_MASTER depending on which JP setting you want to 
> use - does 
> anyone know which one is best to choose here?

Both work great. The one for starting at 0xFE000000 gives you the most
amount of continous free FLASH, as it puts the boot image at the beginning
of the FLASH.
The one that starts at 0xFFF00000 puts the mage in the last megabyte of the
flash. Flash starts at 0xFF800000.

> 2.)    Also the settings for the CFG_FLASH_BASE default to 
> 0xFE000000.  From 
> the MPC8266 user manual I noticed that the memory location 
> this relates to 
> is for a 32M SIMM whereas I have 8M which starts at FF800000. 
>  I changed 
> this to mirror the user manual and update also the CFG_BR0_PRELIM 
> accordingly (0xFF801801).

No. For the HRCW setting that the U-Boot 0.3.0 version for the 8266 defaults
to, it has to be at 0xFE000000. The flash WILL start here. (and continue 8MB
from there).

> If someone out there has managed to get this working it would 
> be great if 
> you could either explain everything I need to do to get it 
> blown to the 
> flash on this type of board. Like I say I am a newbie to this 
> and probably 
> need to plead ignorance, or
> b) have a working copy for an MPC8266ADS-PCI that you could 
> send to me as I 
> can't proceed past this point.

Try the following:
(I don't know if this will work with 0.4.x, it will work with 0.3.0)
1) Leave the jumper (JP3) in position 2-3. 
2) use default setting for the MPC8266ADS_config.
3) compile
4) make an image that whatever JTAG/COP thing you use can write to flash.
5) write image to address 0xff800000 (which becomes 0xfe000000 when the
jumper is changed)
6) place jumper in position 1-2 (HRCW in FLASH).
7) Reset board. This should work. (console on RS232-1 (top port) at

The other option is (if you would like the flash at the default place)
1) Leave the jumper (JP3) in position 2-3. 
2) Change CFG_HRCW_MASTER in include/configs/MPC8266ADS.h to #define
CFG_HRCW_MASTER 0x0cb23645
3) Change TEXT_BASE in board/mpc8266ads/config.mk to 0xfff00000
4) compile
5) write to flash at position 0xfff00000 (start of flash is at 0xff800000)
6) reset.

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