[U-Boot-Users] SED13806 and MPC866

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Aug 6 08:47:26 CEST 2003

Dear Marco,

in message <MFEGIPJEFHIKHGDLDACIGEOJCAAA.marco.schramel at go.bartec.de> you wrote:
> Such devices like my EPSON controller are a not kernel specificly. 
> Will it be used like a normal device with a device driver ???

This depends on the implementation. Often you will find  some  device
driver  provided  by  the  chip  manufacturer  (or  some  other third
parties). And often this driver will provide a  standard  framebuffer

> My kernel config has no option for a EPSON graphic controller, i think.

It might have one after adding the driver to your kernel source tree :-)

> Where do the embedded Linux store the parameters which was given by u-boot?

Parameters are passed in registers plus some data structure  in  RAM.
How  and  where  Linux stores this information depends on a couple of
things, like processor architecture and kernel version.

Why do you ask?

[Maybe we should move this discussion into a Linux group?]

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