[U-Boot-Users] 857T scc init

Brian Rasmussen julemandcom at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 7 18:56:07 CEST 2003


I’m almost done porting U-boot to a custom HW platform
but I have a problem getting the Ethernet port to work
correctly. I’m using a 857T with a Realtek 8201BL
transceiver. If I run U-boot and press a key so I get
to the prompt and then type tftp I see the following

5 ARP requests are sent but no response is received
and it times out and tries again.

An ARP response is never received. 

If I stop U-boot with the BDM and changes RINV in
GSMR_L and start again I receive an ARP request and
tftp gets called but the transfer stops.

To get the tftp transfer to continue I need to change
RINV back to normal and run again.

The tftp transfer then completes.

I can now issue a tftp transfer over and over without
making any changes through the BDM. Even the ARP
request works every time. 

This behavior is consistent every time I reboot the
system. The only modifications made to the code are
the pin-configurations. 

Has anybody seen this behavior before or have any


Brian Rasmussen 

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