[U-Boot-Users] Port for EP860 board

chris at nanometrics.ca chris at nanometrics.ca
Mon Aug 11 18:45:40 CEST 2003


I'm new to U-Boot, but have been monitoring this list for a while in
that I'll be using it.  I've seen several questions about the EP860 board
but it
has not yet been added to the valid board types.  I'd rather use a working
port to the EP860 than redo it myself.

I've seen comments that U-Boot expects and requires a "virgin" CPU, fresh
out of reset. But until I get a BDI emulator, I don't want to overwrite the
PlanetCore bootloader installed on the board.  However it has a RestoreCE
configuration parameter which seems to simulate a "virgin" CPU.  If I jump
U-Boot in Flash using this option will it work?

RestoreCE description from the PlanetCore Bootloader manual:
When transferring control to the application, first change the chip enables
to map all of
memory (other than the internal memory) to the FLASH. The IMMR register is
reset to the
initial value. The processor looks like it was just reset (more or less).
However, chip
enables for the rest of memory are left as mapped by the boot loader. An
application can
examine these chip enables and determine which memory exists and where. The
UPM is
still programmed for RAM. Control can only jump to FLASH when this option
is used.

Finally is anyone else using Windows for their development PC?
I had a few problems with the CYGWIN defines when I tried building
RPXClassic board which is the obsolete version of the EP860.


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