[U-Boot-Users] IDE and x86 port

Juergen Beisert jbeisert at eurodsn.de
Thu Aug 14 09:26:54 CEST 2003

Hello all,

is anybody out there who has a working IDE device on x86 port and u-boot?

My u-boot prints:

Model: uSDnsi kDSFC-B 4 Firm: eR v.3010 Ser#: M 3T00580313
    Type: Removable Hard Disk
    Capacitiy: 42188.8 MB = 41.2 GB (515899392 x 512)

But the device is a "SunDisk SDCFB-4" and has a capacity of only 7872 sectors.

7872 = 0x0000'1EC0  -> 515899392 = 0x1EC0'0000

See:   SunDisk SDCFB-4
          uSDnsi kDSFC-B 4

It's confusing me, because long time ago I have written a small routine to 
read the hard disk device information. I read 256 words into a buffer, too. 
To get the right capacity value I have to swap the upper and lower word of 
the capacity long word. u-boot does the same, but after the swap capcity has 
the wrong value.
I have compiled the cmd_ide.c with "gcc -E" to see, to what the macros get 
expanded and it seems ok.

The swap seems the right way, but results into a wrong value (perhaps only on 
my port). Little endian <-> Big endian problem?

Best regards
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