[U-Boot-Users] mkimage multi file use?

Tom Guilliams tguilliams at san.rr.com
Mon Aug 18 19:55:09 CEST 2003

I know this has been addressed before but I no longer have access to my 
U-Boot list archive on my PC and finding on the SourceForge list has 
proved troublesome such as it keeps telling me it's not accessible right 
now on the SoureForge page!  Is there any place I can dowload the archives?

I haven't been successful referencing the include/image.h file on how to 
use "mkimage -T multi".  Any examples out there?  Basically I just want 
to create an U-Boot image of a gzipped kernel and ramdisk.

Also, I received some pointers on how to extract the U-Boot header from 
an image (thanks Wolfgang and Marc Singer!).  Now I'm going to want to 
see if I can extract the kernel from a multi-file image.  I think this 
will be similar to the header extract but any pointers are greatly 
appreciated. Fightin the clock on this one!


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