[U-Boot-Users] Motorola PQ2FADS board

Yuli Barcohen yuli at arabellasw.com
Sun Aug 24 11:07:43 CEST 2003

>>>>> Scott McNutt writes:

    Scott> I'll be moving from a MPC8266ADS-PCI board to a Motorola
    Scott> PQ2FADS-ZU board soon. Has anyone used u-boot with the PQ2?

I ported U-Boot to this board and use it with Linux. No problems so
far. I don't initialise PCI bridge in U-Boot because I don't need PCI to
boot Linux. Linux kernel initialises PCI according to its needs. I sent
a patch which prevents U-Boot from trying to initialise local bus SDRAM
if the board configured in PCI mode, but it's not in CVS yet. Probably
Wolfgang is too busy.

    Scott> Any issues, problems, solutions you can share would be much
    Scott> appreciated.

There may be a problem if you connect board's Ethernet to a hub. Switch
or direct connection to PC using cross-cable work OK. It looks like
Davicom PHY problem.

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