[U-Boot-Users] Resend: The dreaded embedded environment - linker barf!

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Aug 28 09:35:29 CEST 2003

Dear Robin,

in message <3F4D26AE.5050103 at tait.co.nz> you wrote:
> My assumptions here are based in part on the names of the #defines

This is not a reliable method - if there is no  better  documentation
you have to check how these #define'd variables are _used_, too.

> It was only later I re-read the README file where it states that 
> CFG_MONITOR_START = CFG_FLASH_BASE - makes one of them somewhat 
> redundant if they are equal anyway. Certainly it appears that the code 
> assumes they are the same!!

This is not exactly correct. The README says about  CFG_MONITOR_BASE:
"same  as  CFG_FLASH_BASE  when  booting  from  flash." In some cases
U-Boot may  be  stored  in  ROM,  or  even  in  RAM,  in  which  case
CFG_MONITOR_BASE and CFG_FLASH_BASE may be different.

> I fixed the problem by putting the environment into EEPROM - the FLASH 
> implementation is broken. If it happens that I have to revisit the FLASH 
> environment then I'll try and fix it :-))

No, the flash implementation is _NOT_ broken. Your  configuration  is
broken, that's all. The flash implementation is working fine on many,
many boards.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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