[U-Boot-Users] possible problem in u-boot-0.2.0/cpu/mpc8xx/cpu_init.c

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Feb 5 11:51:34 CET 2003

In message <012701c2cd00$d3f94ce0$6d4ba8c0 at alb.sub.de> you wrote:
> The Processor starts with 32kHz*512,

Did you measure the time it  takes  after  power-on  before  the  CPU
executes  the  first instruction? This is the first system I see that
boots like this, so I'm curious.

Why do you do it this way?

> I cannot find any reference in the 860UM that forbids changing the EBDF from
> the initial HRCW setting...

It's not exactly forbidden, but U-Boot does not expect this.  And  no
other board I've ever seen does it this way.

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