[U-Boot-Users] gdb with u-boot: can not locate the source files

Xiao Xianghua-r6aads X.Xiao at motorola.com
Thu Feb 6 17:33:42 CET 2003

After I built u-boot (the '-g' is turned on in config.mk by default):
$>cd u-boot
$>cross-gdb u-boot
(gdb) l
1    {standard input}: No such file or directory.
    in {standard input}
(gdb)b somewhere
running successfully.
My question is that it seems the u-boot image does not contain information for source file location, so I could not do source-level debug here.
I originally tried 'ddd' GUI interface and it has the same problem, i.e. no way to locate source files, but 'ddd' can also run the u-boot program successfully.
while when I use 'gdb vmlinux', there is no problem to locate the source files.
Any hints are greatly appreciated.
i'm using gdb 5.2.1, ddd 3.3.1. 

Xianghua Xiao 

PowerPC System Enablement,Motorola 
Email: X.Xiao at Motorola.com 

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