[U-Boot-Users] SDRAM init, and Chip Selects

Jerry Walden jwalden at digitalatlantic.com
Wed Feb 12 16:11:09 CET 2003

Thanks for the response Laurent -

I have customized the routine that initialized the SDRAM - I do
not have a DIMM on my board, or an inventory EEPROM, so I have done
my best to initialize the SDRAM from various app notes, and ppc books -

I still get the symptom where Chip Selects are not being asserted (from
the 405GPr) during a write cycle, and I was hoping that someone else might
have a similar setup to my board, and may have come accross the same


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How do you initialize the SDRAM controller of the 405GPr?

In board_init_f function, there's a call to an initdram function. In this
function, you can choose between explicitely initializing the SDRAM
controller from fixed values or read SDRAM information (from an I2C EEprom
or another device depending on your board) and calculate the values (as
that was done for the Walnut board for example).

Hope this helps,


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