[U-Boot-Users] Memory layout on PXA

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Feb 12 21:08:23 CET 2003

In message <20030212190734.GH10342 at pengutronix.de> you wrote:
> I've recently sent several patches to Wolfgang for the PXA architecture;
> unfortunately he didn't have time to integrate them yet. If I don't


> forget it I can send you my patches against current CVS tomorrow. 
> > 1) u-boot is copied from flash into memory at TEXT_BASE
> > (typ. 0xA3000000 on PXA).
> Ack. 

NAK! This is NOT how it's intended  to  be.  TEXT_BASE  is  the  link
address  of  the image in flash. You should dynamically determine the
size of your RAM, and copy  the  u-boot  code  to  the  top  of  RAM,
wherever that may be.

> > 2) The stack is below the u-boot code. From cpu/xscale/start.S,
> > it looks like the stack is at TEXT_BASE - CFG_MALLOC_LEN - 12. I

-12 ??? Aren't there any alignment requirements for XScale?

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