[U-Boot-Users] Accessing environment from linux?

"Callebaut, Benoît" benoit.callebaut at barco.com
Thu Feb 13 11:13:36 CET 2003

Same question for me but I want instead to access ppcboot environment stored
in flash.

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Rod Boyce wrote:
>A long time ago these questions were being asked about accessing the
>PPC/U-Boot environment variables from Linux I would be very interested in
>any code to do this even partly working code and I would be happy to
>complete the code / debug the code.

What kind of storage are you interrested in?
I wrote a kernel driver to access PPCBoot environment variables stored
in a M24C32-W EEPROM, connected through I2C bus.
It allows raw access through /dev/eeprom, couple of ioctl's (setenv, getenv,
unset, etc.), and content reading for shell scripting (through /proc file).

>Was this work ever completed and if so:
>A. Where can I find it.

ask me

>B. Would some kind person mind sending me the code to finish / use

sure. I may have to clean up a bit though, and issue a nice patch.


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