[U-Boot-Users] RE: PCI bus/bridge mis-configuration

Brendan Beahan bbeahan at auspace.com.au
Fri Feb 14 01:05:04 CET 2003

I don't think the problem is present in the uboot-0.2.0 code.

I think my vendor extended the pciauto_setup_bars() function in ppcboot-1.1.6 to setup expansion ROM space as well as BARs.  This change introduced the bug which led to pci bus misconfiguration.
I've checked the code for uboot 0.2.0, and the equivalent function pciauto_setup_device() seems to deal with BARs only, not expansion ROM space, so I wouldn't expect similar problems with uboot.


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> SOLVED !!!
> The problem lay in ppcboot.  An logical error when scanning the =

Two questions:

* Is the problem still present in the current U-Boot code?

* If so, where is your patch? ;-)

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