[U-Boot-Users] Accessing environment from linux?

Goddeeris Frederic Frederic.Goddeeris at siemens.com
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Some time ago (a year?) I downloaded SELF and found some busybox applets for
manipulating the environment variables. Recently I have been looking to find
perhaps a more recent version, but I had the impression it was no longer
included. Why, I thought it is a clean solution?

I am using the "redundant environment variables" feature and adapted the
busybox applets I found before. It works fine but there was no real clean
way to introduce the feature in the existing code and it should be reworked.
Anybody interested?


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In message <81A66F72DCACD511B0600002A551BFCB4E9D2F at kuumex05.barco.com> you
> Same question for me but I want instead to access ppcboot environment
> in flash.

See the existing code in tools/env/

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