[U-Boot-Users] initrd.cramfs.gz.image works?

Boo Geum Jung bgjung at etri.re.kr
Sat Feb 15 01:02:28 CET 2003

Thank you very much for answering.
I'd like to boot linux kernel and initrd with "bootm" command.
I made initrd with "dd, mkfs -t ext2, gzip and mkimage", it works well.
But I made initrd with "mkcramfs, gzip, and mkimage", it dose not work -
'Wrong magic" error message.
Have you ever been to do like this?

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> In message <000d01c2d404$b02f4200$3cabfe81 at bgjung13> you wrote:
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> > initrd.cramfs.gz can be used for "mkimage"?
> >
> > And it(initrd.cramfs.gz.image) can be used with "bootm" command?
> You mind to explain what initrd.cramfs.gz is? And what you intend  to
> o with it?
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