[U-Boot-Users] Porting u-boot, using emulator, run from SDRAM

Gerhard Butscher gerhard.butscher at esk.fhg.de
Wed Feb 26 11:56:19 CET 2003

Wolfgang Denk schrieb:
> In message <3E5A1DB4.5040909 at esk.fhg.de> you wrote:
>>... There is a VxWorks image in FLASH
> make a backup, erase it, and install U-Boot in it's place.

I have to find out how I can do that.

>>commands. Unfortunately we just hacked around and didn't really
>>understand well how the u-boot code could be adapted to our board.
> Then restart from scratch, and do it properly this time.

We'll try to do so, but understanding what has to be changed is not

>>- E.g. reading manufacturer ID of FLASH doesn't work at all. We also
>>   didn't manage to read this ID with issuing FLASH writes/reads from
>>   Emulator. But using the VxWorks boot prompt commands it works.
> Seems your (modified?) version of the flash driver does not atch your
> hardware. Fix it.

Before restarting from scratch I would like to ask more about our
FLASH problem (in a separate question).

Thanks for your reply,

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