[U-Boot-Users] U-boot - vxWorks booting problems

Den Denov yourden at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 26 12:42:24 CET 2003

Hi all!

I begin use U-Boot at my custom board  based on TQM823L module.
It works fine.
But I have problem with vxWorks image to boot it.

Briefly. I compile vxWorks ram-based ELF image, make .bdx file from it and 
download BDX throught BDM using visionClick\visionICE.
When I says "GO 100000" it works fine!
After it I make binary image (using ElfToBin utility), make image from it 
using MKIMAGE utility from U_Boot, upload it to my target using u-boot 
serial interface, copy to flash - all ok.

When I says "bootm 40040000". Image start to load ok, but after message 
"Starting vxWorks at 0x100000" target crashed.

I try to make
cp.b 40040040 (where actually image w\o header placed) 100000 $filesize
its copied OK
But "go 100000" cause crash again.

I try set brakepoint at address 0x100000 and make step-by-step tracing. And 
wondering - code at 100000 after copy from flash looks different then I 
simple download BDX file through BDM before!

I think something wrong with vxWorks binary image after ElfToBin.

Please give me advices and suggestions about possible resolving my problem!


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