[U-Boot-Users] clock.c functions.

Paul McAvoy paulmcav at queda.net
Wed Feb 26 18:36:02 CET 2003

I am working on porting u-boot to work with my Arm920T / Integrato-AP board.

Question, I am trying to compare what I see in the clock.C file with the clock
signals I have available to me with the above cpu/mainboard combination.

What exactly are the :
 * get_FCLK(), get_HCLK(), get_PCLK() and get_UCLK() return the clock of

clocks supposed to be?

It appears all I have access to are:

 system bus, pci bus, core freq, local bus.


- Paul
PGP key		- http://queda.net/paulmcav-gpg.txt

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