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Jerry Walden jwalden at digitalatlantic.com
Fri Feb 28 21:32:38 CET 2003

>Make it fit into the existing IDE interface.

This seems to simple - I think I need to

1) place the CompactFlash device in "True IDE Mode"
2) define CFG_CMD_IDE

Then if I have studied the code enough - it looks like that is all I
need - is there anything obvious that I left out?


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> So I have a few simple questions:
> 1)Is there a preffered place that I can put the initialization of
> my CompactFlash card?

Make it fit into the existing IDE interface.

> 2)When I bootm xxxx_xxxx where xxxx_xxxx is in the CompactFlash - do I
> to
> write a special read routine?  The only mode (I think) I can place the
> CompactFlash
> device in is PC Card Memory Mode.  As I read the specs for this device, it
> looks like
> I'll need a loop before I read each word like:

Make it fit into the existing IDE interface.

Than you can use "disk read ..." etc. to load the image into RAM, and use
standard commands like imi or bootm.

> Since the CompactFlash is a 16 bit device, do I need to change the bootm
> code so that
> I get all 32 bits?

bootm has nothing to do with it. "bootm" is - as the name suggests  -
a  command to boot an image that is in _m_memory. You use a different
command to load the image to memory, like loads or tftp or  disk  (or
even "eeprom read" :-)

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