[U-Boot-Users] Configuring linux kernel for custom board

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Jan 8 08:47:39 CET 2003

In message <se1bfd85.058 at gw_tus_syd3.tus.au.thales> you wrote:
> I'm not to sure if this question is long overdue, but is there a guide
> somewhere to help me with customising linux for my custom board?  

Not on this list. This is the U-Boot  mailing  list.  Standard  Linux
configuration issues are off topic here.

> At the moment, I have based my MPC860T around the fads860t
> configuration, making changes where I *think* are appropriate (i.e.
> getting rid of the BCSR references).  I am concerned with the files I
> have added to the kernel are not "right" and want to verify the process
> of porting linux to a custom board.

It will be difficult to answer such a question anyway, as  you  first
have  to  explain  exactly  what you did and what you need. This will
include a detailed description of your hardware  (probably  including
the  schematics)  and  your  software  requirements  (devices, driver
sources, ...).

You cannot expect such detailed help  on  a  mailing  list.  Hire  an

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