[U-Boot-Users] immediate error when jumping to in_ram

Laudney Ren bren at sjtu.edu.cn
Wed Jan 15 08:32:10 CET 2003

Well, I haven't initialize the SDRAM properly.
Sorry for disturbance.

Laudney Ren wrote:
 > Hi all:
 > We're adding a new board support to u-boot-0.2.0. At start,
 > some relevant informaton has been printed out. But as soon
 > as we jump to in_ram to execute the second half of init, an
 > error/exception ocurred. By looking at ICR, it seems to be
 > a ITLB error. But we don't know what shall be done with it.
 > Thanks in advance.
 > BR,
 > Laudney Ren

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