[U-Boot-Users] Offset beginning of flash image?

Marius Gröger marius.groeger at web.de
Sat Jan 18 10:33:00 CET 2003

> The problem is that PPCBoot doesn't support the rsh method of booting 
> kernels, so we are stuck w/ tftpboot. We can't use that for our vxworks 
> kernels.

You could try to boot your vxWorks kernels with any of the other
boot methods u-boot offers, e.g. tftp, bootp or dhcp.

If you _really_ want to run u-boot as second stage to the vxWorks loader,
I suggest you search the archives of this mailing list (and the old 
ppcboot's list, too) for tips on this issues. You already found TEXT_BASE,
you should also check CONFIG_MONITOR base and - depending on your platform
- you will need to disable the SDRAM initialisations. There are still
plenty of things likely to go astray if u-boot and vxWorks disagree on the
system setup (memory mapping being the most crucial), so you have to fully
understand what each one does. It is only worth the effort as a last 
resort, as getting everything straight can be time consuming. As usual,
you can always hire a more experienced consultant to do it for you.


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