[U-Boot-Users] Any MV-64360 u-boot work in progress?

Bradley A. Bosch bbosch at iphase.com
Mon Jan 20 18:31:09 CET 2003


I have just joined the list.  I have been experimenting on the side
with U-Boot on an 8241 Sandpoint board and have it working well.  (I
will send patches once I have cleaned things up a bit.)  Now I have
been assigned the task of porting U-Boot to two hardware platforms.
One includes the Marvell Discovery II (MV64360).  I took a look at the
hardware documentation and it looks like there are a _whole_ lot of
changes from the MV64260 chip.

I understand that Marvell has decided not to do this work.  The
Discovery II (and U-Boot) should be popular enough that others will
want it working.

Is anyone working on, or even considering working on, support for the
Discovery II?  I have an evaluation board on it's way (and I already
use a BDI-2000 for my other work), but I _really_ would rather not
have to do this all myself.


And thanks to those of you who have obviously invested so much time in
developing this code!  U-Boot seems to be pretty easy to work with.

--Brad Bosch
Senior Software Developer,

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