[U-Boot-Users] Download of kernel Image through Serial Line.

leeyang leeyang at ycig.com
Thu Jan 30 03:44:22 CET 2003

> >- Minimum Flash Size if I don't use NFS ( full embeded application )
> 4MB. For a resonable 'standard' Embedded Linux runtime 
> environment for PowerPC including basic network support 
> you need approx. the following space in Flash:
>  U-Boot                   : 120 KB
>  Linux kernel             : 600 KB
>  RAMDisk image            : 1   MB
>  Root file-system on JFFS2: 2.5 MB

My embedded fs are 
ramdisk will take 4.5M ram.

I am going to switch to jffs2,
but could you tell me the function of
your 1M ramdisk?
Would you please check
and I state my situation there.

Thank you!


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