[U-Boot-Users] Original PPC Boot Rom for IBM405GPr Eval Board

Jerry Walden jwalden at digitalatlantic.com
Fri Jan 31 18:42:15 CET 2003


I did something stupid....

Now that I have that out of the way -

I removed the flash bios from the eval kit, and built a u-boot.bin for the
walnut board.
I placed the rom back into the eval kit, and I do not get any response from
the serial
port (I did get a response with the old ROM).

Now I'd like to go back and see if I can get the eval kit working with the
rom (I think it was open-bios), however I cannot find a pre-built version,
or even
source on the CDs that came with the eval kit -

anyone out there have any ideas?

Jerry Walden

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