[U-Boot-Users] ECC code used in cmd_nand.c

Woodruff, Richard r-woodruff2 at ti.com
Wed Jul 23 02:12:33 CEST 2003

Can anyone verify that the write using "nand write aaaa offf ssss" should
work with ECC enabled?  I'm finding that if I disable the ECC generation I
can write uImages and compare them and get what I expect and boot from them.

If I enable ECC generation, on read it complains that they are all wrong
(but there is no errors on the write which I think it should give if the
written ecc does not match the calculated one).  If I disregard the ecc
warnings and then "cmp" the data starting which was loaded, the first 16k
are indeed the same (16k is my block size), however, there is some
differences at the end of the first block.  Again, if I disable ECC no such
...If I do a read.oob of the first block, it appears that the data_buf[0] is
written to the first position of the oob, instead of the expected data.
Regards/Thanks for any info,
Richard W.
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