[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] DataFlash for AT91RM9200DK board

Hamid IKDOUMI hikdoumi at atmel.fr
Wed Jun 4 13:37:14 CEST 2003

Hi Wolfgang,

I'm working with Nicholas on the dataflash driver for U-Boot.
The dataflash is used to store big amount of data(up to 128 Mbits for the
In our case, we use it to store and boot an image of linux(the dataflash
contains the linux zImage and the ramdisk).
This dataflash can be used also for a filesystem.


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In message <004f01c32a6f$63dcd860$91f59f0a at pc0752> you wrote:
> > Why do we need a special command to access  the  DataFlash?  I  would
> > like to see the same interface as for all other flash devices.
> The DataFlash is a serial flash which is accessed like a serial eeprom.
> is why we decided to create a special command to access it.

What is it being used for, then?

> Concerning the other points, we will make the corrections.


Best regards,

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