[U-Boot-Users] smc 9194 driver

Gupta, Kshitij kshitij at ti.com
Fri Jun 6 12:33:13 CEST 2003

   I am trying to use smc91111.c file for my smc9194 controller.  I get
stuck in the memory allocation of the smc_send_packet() routine.   I can see
one comment in the code (after memory allocation) saying : 
	/* FIXME: the ALLOC_INT bit never gets set *
	 * so the following will always give a     *
	 * memory allocation error.                *
	 * same code works in armboot though       *
	 * -ro

So does that mean I can just comment the status check part for memory
Can anyone guide me through this problem.  I also compared the register
offsets in the smc91111.h file with the datasheet of smc9194 controller
(which seems to be ok).

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  my board has a smsc 9194 ethernet controller.  In the u-boot code in the
drivers directory there is a driver for smc9111 controller.  Will this
driver work straight away for me or I have to do major modifications to

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