[U-Boot-Users] Relocation of code/data in a dynamic linker absent system.

Rupesh S rupeshs at myw.ltindia.com
Thu Jun 12 19:30:55 CEST 2003


I would like to start a discussion on the various techniques of relocation of data & code w.r.t to a non-O.S (no dynamic linker) system.
The idea is to compare different thoughts and bring out the best possibility.

To start with,I myself know of a relocation technique, as used by GNU toochians : The concept of VMA/LMA... We link the code in such a way that we have a different execution address(VMA) and a load address(LMA). All we need to do in our initializaton code is to copy the data/text from LMA to VMA before we really start using the data/text.

Comments are welcome..
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