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Woodruff, Richard r-woodruff2 at ti.com
Mon Jun 23 18:15:15 CEST 2003

Hello Wolfgang,

Yes, I fixed all but one type of warning in my tree this weekend.  I was
somewhat embarrassed that I didn't fix the two simple ones in the patch I
sent.  I shall be more careful.

One type of warning does still exist in my build and likely others which
seems to deal with complaints about an error exit goto label: 

	flash.c: In function `flash_print_info':
	flash.c:172: warning: deprecated use of label at end of compound
	smc91111.c: In function `smc_phy_configure':
	smc91111.c:1353: warning: deprecated use of label at end of compound

Is there a clean way to make this warning go away while keeping the code
savings by using the goto in these cases?  I've not tried very hard to make
it go away...

Also, I was wondering when its appropriate to attempt to add a board into
the main tree.  I have a working port to a new processor type, but the board
I'm working on is only a stepping stone to a more main stream board.
Putting code for this board into the main tree will result in a port which
won't be maintained, but does have some value for others doing trying to do
the same....at the moment I plan to hold off and submit the other board when
it enters production....but I don't really want to have to redo work if
someone else enters a port in the mean time...

Best Regards,

Richard W.

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* Make sure to run the  MAKEALL  script,  and  resolve  ALL  compiler
  warnings introduced by your patch.

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