[U-Boot-Users] U-Boot-0.4.0 released

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Jun 27 10:14:06 CEST 2003

A new version of U-Boot has been released. It is named
U-Boot-0.4.0 and tagged as "U-Boot-0_4_0" on the CVS server.

A tarball is available at


Major news:

* New boards: A3000, RMU, TQM862L, TQM8xxM, MIP405T, RBC823,
  PPC405EP, ASH405, BUBINGA405EP, CPCI405AB, PMC405, MIP405-3,
  ATC, GEN860_SC, TQM8255
* New processors: IBM 750FX, Atmel AT91RM9200DK, Intel PXA
* Header file cleanup
* Support for FAT filesystems
* Support for MMC
* Major reconstruction of networking code
* Fix/extend nand flash support
* Add splash-screen support

Changes for U-Boot 0.4.0:

* Patches by Robert Schwebel, 26 Jun 2003:
  - csb226 configuration updated
  - credits for logodl port updated
  - innokom configuration updated
  - logodl tree update, still with coding style inconsistencies
  - added OCM for ppc405 warning to README

* Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 25 Jun 2003:
  update NetVia with V2 board support

* Header file cleanup for ARM

* Patch by Murray Jensen, 24 Jun 2003:
  - make sure to use only U-boot provided header files
  - fix problems with ".rodata.str1.4" section as used by GCC-3.x

* Patch by Stefan Roese, 24 Jun 2003:
  - Update esd ASH405 board files.
  - Update esd DASA_SIM config file.
  - Add ping command to some esd boards.

* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 23 Jun 2003:
  Update for MPC8260ADS board

* Patch by Murray Jensen, 23 Jun 2003:
  - cleanup of GCC 3.x compiler warnings

* Patch by Rune Torgersen, 4 Jun 2003:
  add large memory support for MPC8266ADS board

* Patch by Richard Woodruff, 19 June 03:
  - Enabled standard u-boot device abstraction for ARM
  - Enabled console device for ARM
  - Initilized bi_baudrate for ARM

* Patch by Bill Hargen, 23 Apr 2003:
  fix byte order for 824x I2C addresses (write op)

* Patch by Murray Jensen, 20 Jun 2003:
  - hymod update
  - cleanup (especially for gcc-3.x compilers)

* Patch by Tom Guilliams, 20 Jun 2003:
  added CONFIG_750FX support for IBM 750FX processors

* Patch by Devin Crumb, 02 Apr 2003:
  Fix clock divider rounding problem in drivers/serial.c

* Patch by Richard Woodruff, 19 June 03:
  - Fixed smc91c111 driver to sync with the u-boot environment
  - Added eth_init error return check in NetLoop (net/net.c).

* Patch by Ken Chou, 19 June 2003:
  Added support for A3000 SBC board (Artis Microsystems Inc.)

* Patches by Murray Jensen, 17 Jun 2003:
  - Hymod board database mods: add "who" field and new xilinx chip types
  - provide new "init_cmd_timeout()" function so code external to
    "common/main.c" can use the "reset_cmd_timeout()" function before
    entering the main loop
  - add DTT support for adm1021 (new file dtt/adm1021.c; config
    slightly different. see include/configs/hymod.h for an example
    (requires CONFIG_DTT_ADM1021, CONFIG_DTT_SENSORS, and
    CFG_DTT_ADM1021 defined)
  - add new "eeprom_probe()" function which has similar args and
    behaves in a similar way to "eeprom_read()" etc.
  - add 8260 FCC ethernet loopback code (new "eth_loopback_test()"
    function which is enabled by defining CONFIG_ETHER_LOOPBACK_TEST)
  - gdbtools copyright update
  - ensure that set_msr() executes the "sync" and "isync" instructions
    after the "mtmsr" instruction in cpu/mpc8260/interrupts.c
  - 8260 I/O ports fix: Open Drain should be set last when configuring
  - add SIU IRQ defines for 8260
  - allow LDSCRIPT override and OBJCFLAGS initialization: change to
    config.mk to allow board configurations to override the GNU
    linker script, selected via the LDSCRIPT, make variable, and to
    give an initial value to the OBJCFLAGS make variable
  - 8260 i2c enhancement:
    o correctly extends the timeout depending on the size of all
      queued messages for both transmit and receive
    o will not continue with receive if transmit times out
    o ensures that the error callback is done for all queued tx
      and rx messages
    o correctly detects both tx and rx timeouts, only delivers one to
      the callback, and does not overwrite an earlier error
    o logic in i2c_probe now correct
  - add "vprintf()" function so that "panic()" function can be
    technically correct
  - many Hymod board changes

* Patches by Robert Schwebel, 14 Jun 2003:
  - add support for Logotronic DL datalogger board
  - cleanup serial line after kermit binary download
  - add debugX macro (debug level support)
  - update mach-types.h to latest arm.linux.org.uk master list.

* Patches by David Müller, 12 Jun 2003:
  - rewrite of the S3C24X0 register definitions stuff
  - "driver" for the built-in S3C24X0 RTC

* Patches by Yuli Barcohen, 12 Jun 2003:
  - Add MII support and Ethernet PHY initialization for MPC8260ADS board
  - Fix incorrect SIUMCR initialisation caused by wrong Hard Reset
    configuration word supplied by FPGA on some MPC8260ADS boards

* Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 10 Jun 2003:
  Unify status LED interface

* Add support for DS12887 RTC; add RTC support for ATC board

* Patch by Nicolas Lacressonniere, 11 Jun 2003:
  Modifications for Atmel AT91RM9200DK ARM920T based development kit
  - Add Atmel DataFlash support for reading and writing.
  - Add possibility to boot a Linux from DataFlash with BOOTM command.
  - Add Flash detection on Atmel AT91RM9200DK
    (between Atmel AT49BV1614 and AT49BV1614A flashes)
  - Replace old Ethernet PHY layer functions
  - Change link address

* Patch by Frank Smith, 9 Jun 2003:
  use CRIT_EXCEPTION for machine check on 4xx

* Patch by Detlev Zundel, 13 Jun 2003:
  added implementation of the "carinfo" command in cmd_immap.c

* Fix CONFIG_NET_MULTI support in include/net.h

* Patches by Kyle Harris, 13 Mar 2003:
  - Add FAT partition support
  - Add command support for FAT
  - Add command support for MMC
  - Add Intel PXA support for video
  - Add Intel PXA support for MMC
  - Enable MMC and FAT for lubbock board
  - Other misc changes for lubbock board

* Patch by Robert Schwebel, April 02, 2003:
  fix for SMSC91111 driver

* Patch by Vladimir Gurevich, 04 Jun 2003:
  make ppc405 ethernet driver compatible with CONFIG_NET_MULTI option

* Patch by Stefan Roese, 05 Jun 2003:
  - PPC4xx: Fix bug for initial stack in data cache as pointed out by
    Thomas Schaefer (tschaefer at giga-stream.de). Now inital stack in
    data cache can be used even if the chip select is in use.
  - CFG_RX_ETH_BUFFER added to set the ethernet receive buffer count
    (see README for further description).
  - Changed config files of CONFIG_EEPRO100 boards to use the
    CFG_RX_ETH_BUFFER define.

* Add support for RMU board

* Add support for TQM862L at 100/50 MHz

* Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 02 Jun 2003:
  major reconstruction of networking code;
  add "ping" support (outgoing only!)

* Patch by Denis Peter, 04 June 2003:
  add support for the MIP405T board

* Patches by Udi Finkelstein, 2 June 2003:
  - Added support for custom keyboards, initialized by defining a
    board-specific drv_keyboard_init as well as defining CONFIG_KEYBOARD .
  - Added support for the RBC823 board.
  - cpu/mpc8xx/lcd.c now automatically calculates the
    Horizontal Pixel Count field.

* Fix alignment problem in BOOTP (dhcp_leasetime option)
  [pointed out by Nicolas Lacressonnière, 2 Jun 2003]

* Patch by Mark Rakes, 14 May 2003:
  add support for Intel e1000 gig cards.

* Patch by Nye Liu, 3 Jun 2003:
  fix critical typo in MAMR definition (include/mpc8xx.h)

* Fix requirement to align U-Boot image on 16 kB boundaries on PPC.

* Patch by Klaus Heydeck, 2 Jun 2003
  Minor changes for KUP4K configuration

* Patch by Marc Singer, 29 May 2003:
  Fixed rarp boot method for IA32 and other little-endian CPUs.

* Patch by Marc Singer, 28 May 2003:
  Added port I/O commands.

* Patch by Matthew McClintock, 28 May 2003
  - cpu/mpc824x/start.S: fix relocation code when booting from RAM
  - minor patches for utx8245

* Patch by Daniel Engström, 28 May 2003:
  x86 update

* Patch by Dave Ellis, 9 May 2003 + 27 May 2003:
  add nand flash support to SXNI855T configuration
  fix/extend nand flash support:
  - fix 'nand erase' command so does not erase bad blocks
  - fix 'nand write' command so does not write to bad blocks
  - fix nand_probe() so handles no flash detected properly
  - add doc/README.nand
  - add .jffs2 and .oob options to nand read/write
  - add 'nand bad' command to list bad blocks
  - add 'clean' option to 'nand erase' to write JFFS2 clean markers
  - make NAND read/write faster

* Patch by Rune Torgersen, 23 May 2003:
  Update for MPC8266ADS board

* Get (mostly) rid of CFG_MONITOR_LEN definition; compute real length
  instead CFG_MONITOR_LEN is now only used to determine  _at_compile_
  _time_  (!) if the environment is embedded within the U-Boot image,
  or in a separate flash sector.

* Cleanup CFG_DER #defines in config files (wd maintained only)

* Fix data abort exception handling for arm920t CPU

* Fix alignment problems with flash driver for TRAB board

* Patch by Donald White, 21 May 2003:
  fix calculation of base address in pci_hose_config_device()

* Fix bug in command line parsing: "cmd1;cmd2" is supposed to always
  execute "cmd2", even if "cmd1" fails. Note that this is different
  to "run var1 var2" where the contents of "var2" will NOT be
  executed when a command in "var1" fails.

* Add zero-copy ramdisk support (requires corresponding kernel support!)

* Patch by Kyle Harris, 20 May 2003:
  In preparation for an ixp port, rename cpu/xscale and arch-xscale
  into cpu/pxa and arch-pxa.

* Patch by Stefan Roese, 23 May 2003:
  - IBM PPC405EP port added.
  - CONFIG_UART1_CONSOLE added. If defined internal UART1 (and not
    UART0) is used as default U-Boot console. PPC4xx only!
  - esd ASH405 board added (PPC405EP based).
  - BUBINGA405EP board added (PPC405EP based - IBM Eval Board).
  - esd CPCI405AB board added.
  - esd PMC405 board added.
  - Update of some esd boards.

* Patch by Denis Peter, 19 Mai 2003:
  add support for the MIP405-3 board

* Patch by Dave Ellis, 22 May 2003:
  Fix problem with only partially cleared .bss segment

* Patch by Rune Torgersen, 12 May 2003:
  get PCI to work on a MPC8266ADS board; incorporate change to
  cpu/mpc8260/pci.c to enable overrides of PCI memory parameters

* Patch by Nye Liu, 1 May 2003:
  minor patches for the FADS8xx

* Patch by Thomas Schäfer, 28 Apr 2003:
  Fix SPD handling for 256 ECC DIMM on Walnut

* Add support for arbitrary bitmaps for TRAB's  VFD command;
  allow to pass boot bitmap addresses in environment variables;
  allow for zero boot delay

* Patch by Christian Geißinger, 19 May 2002:
  On TRAB: wait until the dummy byte has been completely sent

* Patch by David Updegraff, 22 Apr 2003:
  update for CrayL1 board

* Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 21 Apr 2003:
  add boot support for ARTOS (a proprietary OS)

* Patch by Steven Scholz, 11 Apr 2003:
  Add support for RTC DS1338

* Patch by Rod Boyce, 24 Jan 2003:
  Fix counting of extended partitions in diskboot command

* Patch by Christophe Lindheimer, 20 May 2003:
  allow the use of CFG_LOADS when CFG_NO_FLASH is set

* Fix SDRAM timing on Purple board

* Add support for CompactFlash on ATC board
  (includes support for Intel 82365 and compatible PC Card controllers,
  and Yenta-compatible PCI-to-CardBus controllers)

* Patch by Mathijs Haarman, 08 May 2003:
  Add lan91c96 driver (tested on Lubbock and custom PXA250 board only)

* Fix problem with usage of "true" (undefined in current versions of bfd.h)

* Add support for Promess ATC board

* Patch by Keith Outwater, 28 Apr 2003:
  - Miscellaneous corrections and additions to GEN860T board specific code.
  - Added GEN860_SC variant to GEN860T.
  - Miscellaneous corrections to GEN860T documentation.
  - Correct duplicate entry in U-Boot CREDITS file.
  - Add GEN860T_SC entry in MAINTAINERS file.
  - Update CREDITS file with GEN860T_SC info.

* Update Smiths Aerospace addresses in MAINTAINERS file

* Fix error handling in hush's version of "run" command

* LWMON extensions:
  - Splashscreen support
  - modem support
  - sysmon support
  - temperature dependend enabling of LCD

* Allow booting from old "PPCBoot" disk partitions

* Add support for TQM8255 Board / MPC8255 CPU


Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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