[U-Boot-Users] StrataFlash CFI Mode Hang?

Tom Guilliams tguilliams at sbs.com
Tue May 6 00:29:07 CEST 2003

I've ported the PPMC8260 strataflash.c driver to my board's E28F128J3A
chip and was wondering if anyone's ever seen this -

As soon as the driver puts the chip in CFI mode (by writing 0x98 to
offset 0x55 for 8-bit mode), something goes bad and my board freezes. 
This happens every time.  I know that's vague but I'm still debugging
what's really going on.  It looks like some interrupt issue but I've
disabled interrupts and it didn't help.  The chip has a 16-bit portwidth
but has been set in 8-bit mode and is on an 8-bit bus (Galileo asynch

If I fill in the CFI info manual and skip the command to set the chip in
CFI mode, everything's fine.  It seems to be just when we issue the CFI
mode command.  I've been checking the CFI spec and nothing's clued me
in.  Anyone else seen this?  When flash_init() gets called, we're
already running from RAM.  Just wondering, time to set up the BDI.


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