[U-Boot-Users] StrataFlash CFI Mode Hang?

Brad Kemp Brad.Kemp at Seranoa.com
Tue May 6 16:41:53 CEST 2003

Make sure all your code and data has been relocated.
When reading the CFI information, flash is in an unusable state.

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> Subject: [U-Boot-Users] StrataFlash CFI Mode Hang?
> I've ported the PPMC8260 strataflash.c driver to my board's E28F128J3A
> chip and was wondering if anyone's ever seen this -
> As soon as the driver puts the chip in CFI mode (by writing 0x98 to
> offset 0x55 for 8-bit mode), something goes bad and my board freezes. 
> This happens every time.  I know that's vague but I'm still debugging
> what's really going on.  It looks like some interrupt issue but I've
> disabled interrupts and it didn't help.  The chip has a 
> 16-bit portwidth
> but has been set in 8-bit mode and is on an 8-bit bus (Galileo asynch
> bus).
> If I fill in the CFI info manual and skip the command to set 
> the chip in
> CFI mode, everything's fine.  It seems to be just when we 
> issue the CFI
> mode command.  I've been checking the CFI spec and nothing's clued me
> in.  Anyone else seen this?  When flash_init() gets called, we're
> already running from RAM.  Just wondering, time to set up the BDI.
> Tom
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