[U-Boot-Users] Change file location

Rune Torgersen runet at innovsys.com
Mon May 12 17:22:16 CEST 2003

>> There is currently a huge cludge, because the /cpu/mpc8260/pci.c is
>> different for different boards based on the 826x cpu's.
>Oops?? We use the current version of  cpu/mpc8260/pci.c  omn  several
>boards already, without #ifdef's.
>> The better solution would be to move this file into the board specific
>> directories.
>> If not, I would have to do  #ifdef around the whole file.
>Can you please explain why you think this is a board specific file?

Because the PCI Maemory and IO map is defined there, and it does depend a
bit on how you want the board set up.
I guess it can be used for multiple boards if the memory map should be the

I know the reason Andy changed the pci.c memory map, was to get a simpler
memory layout in linux.
Here is his motivation for changing it:

* This file is a bit of a problem since the PCI memory map is hardcoded here
in code common to all MPC8260 targets, but one memory map may not
necessarily be appropriate for all targets.  For now I just changed the
hardcoded memory map to one that I like better.  This probably broke the
PM826 u-boot port.  The memory map definition could be #ifdef'd for each
board, or the memory map definition could be moved to the board
configuration header file.  My motivation here was to move the PCI I/O space
from 0xA0000000 to 0xF4000000.  Having all the I/O regions above 0xF0000000
allows Linux to efficiently map them all with one BAT register.

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