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re: u-boot->QNX

yes.  it was quite straightforward in fact.  you need to be more
specific with your query though.  where are you w.r.t. progress?
hardware is debugged?  have you booted linux on your board?
are you trying to boot from on-board flash, or IDE, or network?

you've modified the qnx startup headers and code to deal with
the location of the serial port and so on?  in our case we did
cheat a little -- our custom HW was very close to the motorola
sandpoint development board w/ the 8240 UNITY processor complex.
so first we got ppcboot up on the sandpoint platform (some work
had been done already by ppcboot contribs) and then we got QNX
to boot from ppcboot.  the SW developers could go to work while
we HW guys finished designing the production hardware.  when
that got done we *really* cheated and had DENX Inc (wolfgang
and colleagues) help get ppcboot going on the hardware.  yeah
yeah yeah i know but the schedule was so tight we didn't have
time to flap about.  once ppcboot was running on the new HW, we
started in to get QNX going.  since the HW was similar to the
sandpoint design, this was not difficult and for the most part
dealt with repositioning the serial port, and making sure the
watchdog timer issues are resolved, and so forth.

also, click here and scroll down...

if you want to take this offline that's ok too.  foremost i
think that you need the proper QNX build file -- so that the
binary comes out in the correct format, and with enough debugging
(-vvv) enabled so you have a chance at figuring out what is going
wrong.  btw, i brought up QNX on ppc8240 and x86 custom HW and
neither was all that difficult.  on x86 there was a QNX dependency
on the historic intel keyboard controller (8052 or something like
that) but once that was JMP'd over in the startup assembly code
all was well.


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> Hi
> Does anybody know how to get a QNX image to boot using u-boot (QNX
> 6.2.1)
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