[U-Boot-Users] interrupts.s/udelay accuracy.

Woodruff, Richard r-woodruff2 at ti.com
Thu May 29 02:45:48 CEST 2003

About how accurate in practice does the udelay() & other time base functions
have to be?  especially for ethernet/networking devices?  I've currently got
enough of the basics ported for my arm925/omap based board such that it
comes to a u-boot shell, and things like sleep x work....I was thinking
about moving on to getting my ethernet device working, and am a little
uneasy about the way I (and it appears several others) have hacked the time
conversions.  Does gcc provide some nice 64 bit integer manipulation
libraries which aren't huge?  If so I'd be tempted to bring in some code
which does the right thing and doesn't have to worry about integer
over/under flows.
Richard W.  
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