[U-Boot-Users] error when building sc520_cdp

Marc Singer elf at buici.com
Thu May 29 21:03:56 CEST 2003

On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 10:35:37AM -0700, Frank wrote:
> ld -Bstatic -T
> /home/fmcmurra/sis/u-boot/board/sc520_cdp/u-boot.lds -Ttext
> 0x387e0000  cpu/i386/start.o cpu/i386/start16.o cpu/i386/reset.o
> \
>                 --start-group board/sc520_cdp/libsc520_cdp.a 
> Hi,
> I am getting a linker error when I try to build the sc520_cdp
> board. I checked this out of cvs on 5/28. Has anyone
> successfully built this board and does anyone know how I can
> resolve this error.
> Thanks in advance...
> cpu/i386/libi386.a
> lib_i386/libi386.a fs/jffs2/libjffs2.a fs/fdos/libfdos.a
> net/libnet.a disk/libdisk.a rtc/librtc.a dtt/libdtt.a
> drivers/libdrivers.a post/libpost.a post/cpu/libcpu.a
> common/libcommon.a lib_generic/libgeneric.a --end-group \
>                 -Map u-boot.map -o u-boot
> ld: section .data [387f5454 -> 387f660b] overlaps section
> .rodata.str1.1 [387f5454 -> 387f6c11]
> ld: section .realmode [387f660c -> 387f6771] overlaps section
> .rodata.str1.1 [387f5454 -> 387f6c11]
> ld: section .bios [387f6772 -> 387f6983] overlaps section
> .rodata.str1.1 [387f5454 -> 387f6c11]
> make: *** [u-boot] Error 1

I am using this code as is Daniel.  This error means that the linker
load file specifies segment positions that overlap.  

You may want to try going back to the last numbered release.  The only
change necessary to make that version build is to add a field to the
bios settings structure.

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