[U-Boot-Users] Help with u-boot 0.4.0 and IBM ASH board

Stefan Roese stefan.roese at esd-electronics.com
Mon Nov 3 11:21:14 CET 2003

Hello Eric!

> I have an IBM ASH (NPe405h) board that I am trying to get 
> U-Boot 0.4.0 running on. 
> Ultimately, I'll port this over to our custom board that is 
> very similar to the ASH, but I figured it would be better to 
> start on a known platform.

Good idea!
> I downloaded the new 0.4.0 U-Boot and ran these two commands 
> (after modifying 
> the Makefile to run 'ppc_405-' instead of 'ppc_8xx'):
> 	make ASH405_config
> 	make all

Sorry, but the U-Boot ASH405 target is an "esd" custom board (PPC405EP
based) and _not_ the IBM Ash Eval Board! :-(.
> It flew through compile and link to produce the nice 
> u-boot.srec.  I put that in 
> my tftpboot directory, telnet'd over to the abatron 2000, 
> erased ASH flash and 
> programmed this new image in there.  
> The result is an immediate SystemError LED illumination.
> I then switched from Flash to SRAM (one of the dips on the 
> ASH board) and reloaded. Running from SRAM produces a program 
> exception and jump to 0x700 almost right off the bat.  
> I am running out of ideas on how to get U-boot and my ash 
> board to cooperate.  Has 
> anyone else that has tried this had the same problems?

I am afraid, but the IBM Ash Eval Board is not supported (to my
knowledge) right now. I don't think, that a NPe405h target is supported
at all. This should not be so hard starting from the PPC405GP.

Best regards,

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